• We have a closed door policy. We do not have window for you to be able to watch your child’s dance class.  We will however have a scheduled visitor’s day where you will be able to come watch your child’s entire dance class during the dance season.  We will notify you when the date gets closer.


Due to COVID-19, we have implemented a few new policies.  They are as follows:

  • We will not be allowing parents to wait in the waiting areas at this time. You may bring your child in and drop them off.  Parents, if not vacinnated, MUST wear a MASK when they are in the building.
  • If parents need to come in to pay or buy merchandise, they MUST wear a mask when inside the building, if they are not vaccinated.
  • Students (6 years old and up)  are  required to wear mask.  Teachers and receptionists, if not vaccinated, will also be required to wear a mask.
  • During class, students will be social distanced.
  • We will be letting each class out 5 minutes early so that we can clean common areas and avoid congestion between classes.